Professional Courier Services in Sacramento, Fresno, Modesto and statewide in California

CCI Logistics, Inc. - Service Overview

If you need courier, delivery and distribution services in California, consider turning to CCI Logistics. We are a company focused on solving the distribution and logistics challenges that customers bring to the table. We pride ourselves on being able to find solutions to logistical problems, no matter how complex they may be.

On Demand Courier Service

CCI Logistics has local on demand courier service that provides service coverage to almost every major city in the state of California, including San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno, Modesto, Sacramento, Bakersfield and Los Angeles. Professional courier services can give your business an edge, and CCI Logistics makes sure you receive exactly that every time you place an order. We have one of the highest on time delivery rates of any courier in the country. This means that every time you place an order with CCI Logistics, you can rest assured that it will be delivered on time.

You can get any size package delivered through our on demand courier service. Whether you're sending a document or a large shipment on pallets, our fleet of vehicles ranging from cars and vans to 20 ft. bobtail trucks can handle all of your package delivery needs.

For all your on demand courier service needs, please call CCI Logistics directly or contact us online for more information. We offer service 24/7/365. A variety of delivery time frames are available for you to choose from to make sure you get the service that you require.

Scheduled and Routed Delivery Service

To keep your business running like clockwork, consider using scheduled and routed California delivery services offered by CCI Logistics.

At CCI Logistics, we create the most effective and efficient scheduled routes possible. We are able to control costs and offer you scheduled services at a highly competitive rate. We also offer high degrees of flexibility and adaptability to change with you as your company's needs shift.

Consider CCI Logistics for all your post office deliveries, bank deposits, inter office mail deliveries, payroll, and other routine delivery needs. Contact CCI Logistics today to find out how we can customize a solution that is right for you. We can show you how a scheduled delivery route can help improve and streamline your business.

Distribution Service

If you're looking for warehousing and distribution services in California, CCI Logistics can help you. We are experts in using our supply network to help channel all of your retail distribution needs. We provide safe, quick, and affordable distribution methods to get your products from your facility to your distributors on time, every time.

No matter what your ever changing distribution needs are, CCI Logistics can meet them with minimum difficulty. We can move shipments of any size across California. We also have rush delivery options in case you have an emergency.

As a company focused on solving problems, CCI Logistics is always eager to get the chance to examine distribution dilemmas, and to offer our take on how to best go about improving your shipping networks.

At CCI Logistics, we want your business! We will do what it takes to earn it! Call us today at 1-800-540-8110.

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