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CCI Logistics, Inc.

CCI Logistics Inc. is a leading courier and distribution company providing courier service in Sacramento and most other California cities. For thirty years we have been growing our fleet, our services, and our client base to make sure that we can provide any company in California with the best possible solution to their shipping needs. Our goal has always been customer satisfaction before all else, which has lead to the creation of a fast and efficient courier company that has customers coming back time after time.

If you need a document shipped across Sacramento, or need a truck full of supplies carted to New York City; CCI Logistics can help you do it. For those large, long haul deliveries, we have 20 ft bobtail trucks that are ready at all times. For short drives across the city, a fleet made up of cars and delivery vans ensures that there is always a vehicle available to take your order at any time.

CCI Logistics isn't just a courier company, we offer a full range of delivery and distribution services to meet your organizations needs. You can set up a scheduled and routed delivery service that will make your deliveries at the same time, every time. You can opt for using our on demand services whenever you require them. We also have distribution services and warehouse capabilities.

As always, the focus at CCI Logistics is making sure that the customers have the best experience possible. That means that no matter what your request is, whether it's just taking a small package around the corner or making a state wide delivery run with multiple stops that need to be made in a very specific order, we are going to do everything in our power to find a solution that you are going to be happy with.

CCI Logistics also prides itself on completing deliveries in a fast and professional manner. We have the best delivery times in the business, and our professional uniformed drivers will always leave the right impression with your clients.

If you need to place a rush order, want to set up scheduled service, or just have some questions about the services that we offer, please call CCI Logistics at 1-800-540-8110. We are available 24/7/365 for all your Sacramento Courier Service needs.

  • Sacramento Courier, Sacramento Courier Service, Sacramento Delivery Service
  • Sacramento Courier, Sacramento Courier Service, Sacramento Delivery Service